New Here

Welcome to NLPC! For starters, we are not perfect people, far from! So no pressure to be something that you are not, we are all on a journey here. 

Every week something special happens when we gather at NLPC. As you make your way into our Foyer, you will be met by lots of smiling faces, and have the opportunity to connect with our hospitality team who will help with any questions about your visit.

Sunday service kicks off at 9:30am for Sunday School, and 10:30am for Family Worship. During the 1hour session for Sunday School, children and youth will have age focused gatherings on their level while the adults will meet together in the Main Sanctuary for practical teaching that will speak your language. 

Following Sunday School, everyone will be invited to join back in the Main Sanctuary for a time of Worship and Preaching. You will be encouraged and strengthened as our musicians and singers lead us in songs of celebration and praise, as we prepare our hearts and minds for relevant preaching from the Word of God.

Similar to our Family Worship format on Sunday mornings, we also gather for Midweek Worship, on Wednesdays at 7pm. Come recharge during the workweek with fresh insight and direction with the community of faith at NLPC.

During these gatherings you can expect to encounter God in a special and meaningful way, through a variety of experiences. 

As a newcomer, we want you to know that we are authentic people with genuine needs, just like you. It is our hope and prayer that as you gather together with us for one of these services, you will be able to draw closer to God, closer to others, and to more effectively walk in your purpose for this life.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for our Frequently Asked Questions.

What to Expect

At NLPC you will experience vibrant praise, worship, prayer, singing, preaching, teaching and fellowship of the believers. As such, we invite you to join with us as we celebrate God's goodness. Below are a number of examples found in the scriptures demonstrating how believers have exhibited their love, faith and devotion to God throughout the ages. 

• Miriam grabbed her tambourine and danced (Exodus 15:20) 

• The Children of Israel bowed their heads and worshipped (Exodus 12:27)

• The Levites stood and praised the Lord with a loud voice (2 Chronicles 20:19)

• Job “fell to the ground and worshipped” (Job 1:20) 

• David danced joyfully before the Lord (2 Samuel 6:5, 16)

• We read of others who were ‘"leaping and praising God" (Acts 3:8) 

• One who fell on the ground like a dead man before the angel of the Lord (Revelation 1:17)

Each  of these examples include immediate and spontaneous reaction to events and circumstances. However, Scripture also commands us to proclaim His greatness. Here’s a small sampling of ways God is pleased to receive our worship.

• Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to the Lord with loud songs of joy! 

(Psalm 47:1)

• And all the house of Israel played before the Lord on all manner of instruments. (2 Samuel 6:5)

• Oh, come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker! (Ps. 95:6)

• Let them praise His name with dancing, making melody to Him… (Psalm 149:3)

• Stand in awe of God. (Psalm 22:3) 

• I desire then that in every place the men should pray, lifting holy hands. (1 Timothy 2:8)

• I will declare (testify) thy name unto my brethren; in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee. (Psalm 22:22)

• Is there any sick among you? Let him call for the elder of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. 

(James 5:14)

Given the variety of responses, it would be difficult to come up with a single form of expression that pleases God when we gather to honor Him corporately. Clearly, all these actions are both acceptable and appropriate and this list is in no way to be considered exhaustive.

If you have never had the opportunity to be in a Spirit-filled worship service before, you will discover that these Biblical expressions of worship are still practiced today. When you visit, we encourage you to join in with us as we praise God together in spirit and in truth!


Below are frequently asked questions and answers about events and services at NLPC.

  • Sunday mornings & Wednesday evenings.

    9:30am for Sunday School, and 10:30am for Family Worship. 

    Midweek Worship Wednesdays at 7pm. 

  • No worries! Our Guest Team will be at our Welcome Center in our Foyer ready to help out however needed. 

  • No need to make special arrangements, just be you. We want you to come as you are.

  • Exciting age-focused learning, fun and games will be in full swing every Sunday morning during NLPC Sunday School beginning at 9:30am! If you are nursing there is a nursery available. 

  • We always strive to make our guests feel welcome, but rest assured, you won’t be put on the spot, singled-out, or embarrassed. Feel free to relax and be yourself, we're just glad to have the opportunity to be an encouragement and strength along your journey.