About Us



Welcome to New Life Pentecostal Church!  Thank you for choosing to spend a few minutes of your time with us. Of all the places you could be, you are here! Thank you.


It is the sincere desire of the leadership of this assembly to advance the Kingdom of God in our area. This Heavenly Kingdom is not localized, nor is it built on man’s abilities, acclaims or adeptness. Rather, this Kingdom is global, and it’s attributes are righteousness, peace & joy... In the Holy Ghost! New Life Pentecostal Church is glad to be a part of the Advancement of the Kingdom in the earth!


As you peruse the various aspects of what our ministry has to offer, we trust that you will be both uplifted and motivated to give your personal relationship with Jesus Christ some serious consideration. If it’s in it’s infancy, nurture it. If it’s sick, strengthen it. If it’s healthy, rejoice in it!  The bottom line is, you need to secure your place in the Kingdom of God! There is righteousness, peace and joy awaiting you there!


At NLPC, we are attempting to provide people an “access point” to the Kingdom. So, slow down. Take a breath. Be ministered to. Be inspired by your online visit to attend a service. Why don’t you join us? NLPC is the place you belong!


We love you!